Economic Equality

Montana is not immune from the increasing rich-poor gap. Montana's middle class shrank from 51.3 percent in 2000 to 46.6 percent in 2013. Until this shrinking middle class is addressed, the rest of Montana's needs cannot be solved. Rob will fight to make sure all Montanans can earn a living wage and be free from the fear of poverty. 


With recent budget cuts, Helena jobs have declined. We've also lost jobs because businesses are moving out of our downtown and nurses are being undervalued. Rob is dedicated to ensuring that Helena's workforce grows, not shrinks. During his time on the commission, Rob has worked to increase jobs by hiring additional police and fire personnel. In 2017, Rob also approved the first cost of living adjustment in two years.

Protecting Montana Consumers

Rob has dedicated his legal career to protecting Montanans against corporations. He spends his days fighting against large banks and debt collectors. Rob has helped numerous Montanans keep their homes and escape illegal debt collection practices. Montana needs a representative that can stand up to these special interest groups.


Since he was a kid, Rob has been exploring Montana's public lands and working to protect Montana's wild places. He earned a bachelor and law degree with an emphasis in environmental protection and has worked diligently on the City Commission to ensure Montana's lands are protected. He championed protecting the Smith River and the small Helena businesses that rely on Montana's robust recreation economy. Rob has also implemented Helena's climate change task force recommendations, including adjusting the water rate structure and creating the Citizen Conservation Board. As a legislator, Rob will ensure that Montana's public lands stay in public hands and our environment clean and healthy for future generations.

Rob also understands the need for public lands to provide hunting and fishing opportunities for all Montanans. Rob is an avid fisherman, regularly utilizing our stream access laws to reach streams from public roads and bridges. He also enjoys hunting and is committed to supporting public employees that maintain our outdoor heritage.

Social Justice

Rob will work to ensure that Montana's most vulnerable citizens are protected. In his time on the Commission, Rob led the city in ensuring that all of our citizens are treated fairly and equally. He initiated amending our non-discrimination ordinance to remove language targeting members of the LGBT community and recently supported removing the confederate fountain. Rob also uses his legal practice to ensure safety and advance the human rights of all Montanans. Currently, Rob is co-counsel on the case against Andrew Anglin and his white supremecist website, The Daily Stormer. Rob also advocated for an indigent mother faced with with losing her parental rights and secured a ruling from the Montana Supreme Court directing district courts to appoint an attorney to unrepresented people some civil cases. Once elected, Rob will continue to fight for the rights of all Montanans, not just those with money or privilege.